Friday, September 24, 2010

Alright, let's start this up

So, this is a new blog about my daily life and interests, I'm gonna go over what I did recently, and my interests at the time.

Alright, besides classes, I'm currently getting ready to leave for YCS San Jose.  For those who play Yu-Gi-Oh! and are interested, I'm bringing X-Sabers, and I, as well as my teammates will be wearing black dress shirt, a tie, and blue jeans.

X-Sabers is in my opinion, the absolute best deck at the moment, I'm not sure what other decks match up to it.  The whole archetype just works so well, it's almost unfair, in fact, I think it is pretty unfair.  The ability to search out key cards while thinning the deck with Darksoul and Emmersblade,  destroy 3 cards at once, special summon monsters practically for free, constantly have monsters over 2000 attack, as well as the power to discard your opponent's hand, it's too much if your opponent can't stop the initial rush.

Currently, I'm playing a private server for RO, I'm not quite used to it, as I quit several years ago.  I'm playing Champion and at the moment, I have no real gear and I'm slow at spamming my skills, nothing remarkable at the moment.  My guild's name is "Is", it's one of my original guilds when I started playing.  For you who wonder why that guild name, this is what the display would look like in-game;

Is [The Shit]

Manga I'm currently reading and about the recent chapters (I'm not gonna get into old ones, there's just too many);
First of all, the mainstream stuff,

Bleach - I hope this series ends soon.  To be honest, for anyone who really pays attention, this series is kind of bland, it only has one real plot that repeats itself.  Also, Ichigo lost his Shinigami powers, if this series continues, I'm pretty much done with this.

Naruto - Flashback chapters are pretty boring, Tobi's new form is the only thing interesting.  I hope this series ends soon too.

Reborn! - I'm pretty sure, anyone can realize, Ryohei is gonna win his battle with Kouyou.  Probably gonna exhaust himself and knock out after the fight.  Kouyou is pretty insane though.

That's the really mainstream stuff for now.

Kyou Kara Ore Wa! - I know Mitsuhashi is poor and all, but I feel sorry for Itou, always getting dragged into things by that moron.  Well, I guess the series wouldn't be funny without him though.  I do like Riko and what a fool Mitsuhashi is for not treating her better.

Beach Stars - Power vs Ever-growing evolution.  I don't think the main team can lose, I'm not sure if the series could go that path already.

Kimi no Iru Machi - Well, finally after chasing after Eba, Haruto moved on, good, Eba was a bitch anyways.  I did like the development with Asuka, man does this guy get like every girl he talks to or what?  It does feel a little rushed, but I do like Asuka's character.

That was all I read yesterday, so not too much to talk about.  Well, that's all for this post.

See ya', everyone.


  1. I feel out of sync with Yu gi oh years ago, but it is still one of the best design card games out there.

    Also, Bleach is incredibly bland. It's not just you, man.

  2. I love San Jose, just spent a month there

  3. You should Shin Angyo Onshi if you get the chance.

  4. Never watched any of the animes you listed, heh. If I wasn't so easily distracted I might be able to make it through an entire series before running off somewhere else.

  5. Can't say I play Yugioh but I do play MtG.

  6. Anime is so hard to find these days, no wait I'm just kidding. I'm not too interested in any of them.